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The Digital Services Act marks a significant phase in countering illicit online gaming, a real challenge to the welfare of all players across Europe. Regulated suppliers’ efforts against customer protection and anti-money laundering requirements are also hampered by illicit gambling.

In a country where customers are based, illicit suppliers do not pay due taxes and thus do not contribute to a public benefit. Moreover, it causes unequal competition with legitimate players, jeopardizing their legal models of operation and its enormous economic and social effects on Member States of the EU. Finally, unlike licensed operators who operate to protect vulnerable players, they don’t provide any sort of assistance to trouble gamblers.

According to Jaldung, ECA President, “We firmly believe that greater convergence between relevant EU gambling stakeholders is essential if common and vital issues like illegal gambling are to be resolved. The Coalition seeks to increase visibility and collaborate successfully with policymakers. We will offer a vital support to customer security in Europe by putting together our voices. We still strongly endorse the Digital Services Act bundle that is a key step in addressing this social scourge.”

On the ECA

Europe’s registered land-based casinos with over 29 members and over 70,000 workers promoting local economy in the Europe are represented by the European Casino Association (ECA). It is made up of representatives from both all EU and non-EU Member States. The ECA is directed primarily at solving and supporting  online casino Singapore problems and encouraging the sector’s positive contribution.

Christine Catasta, ex-Chief Executive Officer of PwC and Erika Stark-Rittenauer, an adherence and player safety professional, have also been elected to the Supervisory Board.

Gerhild Hofer and Thomas Polzer are to be replaced. Now a major reorganization initiative was undertaken by Casinos Austria, a majority owned by Sazka. It intends to eliminate 350 jobs and save €50 million a year. As the turnaround progresses, Casinos Austria has elected a new president. Wolfgang Hesoun has been appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board by the Director General of Siemens AustriaIn July he replaces Sazka CEO Robert Chvátal, who was briefly appointed, after the departure of Walter Rothensteiner.

The earnings 

The casino operator has now created two consecutive months of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) growth, as the impacts of COVID-19 continue to subsidize.

In fact, Donaco has said that the positive EBITDA in the month of October was 540,000 dollars (around 700,000 dollars) and that in November it was 800,000 dollars (around one million dollars) respectively. This pattern continues until December, according to the firm. While it was definitely important for the positive results that its Star Vegas Resorte and Club in Cambodia was reopened in late September, Donaco attributed its growth largely to strategies built by a fresh team. The company declared that it had named Paul Porntat Amatavivadhana, the new non-Executive President, and Lee Bug Huy, the new CEO. Together, these two founders carry to the table years of experience in the management of listings and casinos. Regardless of the situation, you can check out MMC SGD for all your gaming pleasures.

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